bernborough ascot

Ascot QLD, Australia

Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star retirement community

With a mission to deliver a retirement community that is liveable, resilient, diverse and adaptable, Marchese Partners used a combination of strategies that delivered a building that has achieved the first 6 Star Green Star Communities rating for a retirement living community in Australia. 

This was achieved through strategic positioning of the buildings to maximise cooling breezes and crossflow ventilation within the master plan. Strategies to shorten shade periods and allow solar access provided optimal liveable environments. Liveability was also addressed through walkways connecting buildings and green spaces, promoting active living in the open community. 

Bernborough Ascot sets new benchmarks for retirement living projects with residents benefiting from the sustainability measures, not only in terms of driving down energy and water bills, but also improved lifestyle and health outcomes. 

Location48 Hampden St, Ascot, QLD
No. of apartments300 ilu’s
FeaturesResort-style facilities such as concierge service, Art Studio, Cinema, and Masters Café & Lounge
SustainabilityAustralia’s first 6 star Green Star retirement community

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