loveday kensington

Kensington, London, UK

specialised design in the heart of historic kensington

The client brief was for the redevelopment and conversion of an existing office building into an elderly care facility specialising in dementia (C2 Use Class). Most of the existing building envelope and structure was to be retained.

Despite the limitations to change the exterior of the building, the interior provides successful spaces, appropriate for their function and recognisable at a multi-sensory level.

Adaptability, accessibility and safety are paramount to the design to create a barrier-free environment with exposure to natural light that is essential for maintaining well-being.

Within the constraints of the existing site, Marchese Partners | Life3A  have created a safe place where residents can enjoy a dignified life in an environment that will encourage social interaction and peace of mind.

Location2 Kensington Square, London, United Kingdom
No. of apartments40 care suites
FeaturesRoof terrace, restaurant, café, library, cinema, spa, consulting rooms and courtyard garden areas

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