gledswood hills

camden, nsw

Gledswood Hills stands out as a distinctive mixed-use development, creating a new entertaining precinct and neighbourhood center. It comprises 10 blocks of residential buildings connected by a semi-basement floor, hosting a commercial center with various entertainment options, including cinemas. Additionally, the development incorporates a childcare facility. Spanning approximately 2.3 hectares, the site is designed with a public-oriented approach. The ground floor features an ‘eating street’ and a public playground, complemented by more private areas for neighbours’ enjoyment. Positioned atop a hill with views towards the golf course and mountains, Gledswood Hills is well-poised to evolve into a high-quality residential area, offering essential services to the community while enhancing the locale through restoration and entertainment offerings.

LocationThe Hermitage Way, Gledswood Hills, Camden, NSW 2557
ClientUnited Development Management Pty Ltd.
No. of Apartments358

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