Gosford, NSW, Australia

one of a kind

The Rumbalara development sits within an historic sandstone quarry on one of the highest sites in Gosford and adjacent to the Rumbalara natural reserve.

The building’s materiality is inspired by the contextual setting of the sandstone quarry and the canopy of the trees of the natural reserve.

Four buildings follow the slope of the site with access to unparalleled views to the Brisbane waters.

A series of passive house sustainable measures have been developed, including green roofing solutions and water reuse for communal areas making this development one that keeps both people and the planet in mind.

Location80 John Whiteway Drive, Gosford NSW, Australia
No. of apartments198 villas
FeaturesBusiness hub, wellness centre, club, cinema, recreational spaces including a ‘figure eight’ swimming pool
SustainabilityGreen roofing solutions, water reuse for communal areas

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